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Rigid Set Up Boxes | Custom Made Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are made from paper board and covered by laminated art paper,kraft paper or special paper. Business brand and image can be printed onto art paper , then wrapped on paper board to build rigid boxes,it means rigid boxes are available in any size,any shape,any color. And with beautiful printing,rigid boxes connect with and inspire customers as well as enhance the value of the products. Gift Box Mart have full experience to produce high quality rigid boxes and control the cost of production to offer great price.

 Custom made rigid boxes are constructed from a minimum of 1000 micron board,permanently glued together and wrapped  with art paper that can be printed with customer's design.There are many styles to build different shape rigid boxes to provide unique package for customer's products.Rigid boxes come in many styles to fit different products or gift items.if you are looking for jewelry boxes,cosmetic boxes,candle boxes,candy boxes,DVD set boxes,Game Set boxes,Greeting Card Boxes,Photography Boxes,  Gift Box Mart is one stop place for you to build those rigid boxes as your desire.

Custom Made Rigid Boxes Styles 

The advantage of Rigid boxes is that rigid boxes can come in any size and shape with different styles.  As rigid boxes ( set up boxes) manufacturer,Gift Box Mart specialized in manufacturing full range of rigid boxes  to fit any demand at high end,strong packaging for high value products. Styles options at Gift Box Mart include tray,partial cover boxes,angle neck boxes,shoulder boxes,hinged neck boxes,hinged flap lid boxes,clamshell boxes ,tray with sleeve,drawer boxes,slipcase,slipcase with divider and more.Those rigid boxes are custom made that can come as customer's specification.  Gift Box Mart offer quality custom made rigid boxes at great cheap price,no minimum order limit.

rigid boxes styles

1  Custom Made Rigid Boxes With Lift-off Lid

Rigid  boxes with lift-off lids: this is the most popular and cost effective of the rigid  boxes style. They are easy to open and close. Lid can be of partial depth or full depth.For those boxes with a full depth lid,it is advisable to allow a few millimeters between of the base to enable easy removal of the lid.

Shoulder boxes: shoulder boxes are three piece boxes,with a shoulder glued or friction-locked into cover.Usually,the lid of shoulder box is deeper than the bottom, and shoulder prevents the bottom from pushing up into the lid.Candles,perfume with weighted product packages well with shoulder styles

Neck Boxes:Neck boxes are three piece specialty boxes where the lid and bottom do not telescope or overlap.Bottom and cover kiss together or never touch each other.The inner neck,which can be a set up tray,a glued sleeve,or a platform, is glued of friction locked into bottom of the box.The inner neck's function is to guide and hold the lid in place when this box is close.High value product like this style boxes. 

rigid boxes
rigid boxes
rigid boxes with lift off lid
set up boxes with lift off lid
rigid boxes
set up boxes

 2 Custom Made Rigid Boxes With Hinged Lid

 Hinged lid rigid boxes are popular styles of rigid boxes. Those Rigid Boxes have a lid with hinged,  with either a magnetic ,ribbon or velcro closure,hinged lid rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,gift boxes,presentation boxes,jewelry boxes,watch boxes.

  • The most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of the box. Most often, this style of hinge is used when the cover of the box extends all the way down, or is full telescoping. If extra strength is needed, you may include a reinforcing strip of paper or tape on the inside of the box. Medical Devices, Bio-Tech and Stationary products are often packaged using this style.
  • Our strongest hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge. This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom, then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples. You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid. Medical Devices, Bio-Tech and Stationary products are often packaged using this style.
  • Another hinge for a specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinge. Again, the lid paper is used to adhere the bottom to lid. However, the hinge point is different on a three-sided cover hinge than on a standard paper hinge box. Die cutting is often inevitably required when manufacturing this style hinged box. Wine, Beverages, Oils and Spirits are special when packaged using this style. 
  • Custom insert are available,such as die cut insert,satin ribbon insert, foam insert and more
hinged lid rigid boxes
set up boxes with hinged lid
rigid boxes with hinged lid
hinged lid set up boxes

3 Slip Case | Drawer Boxes | Book Cover

Slipcases are considered a high-end product in packaging. Using heavy chipboard and quality coverings, they are one of the strongest, yet elegant styles of packaging available today. Slipcases are made by specialized equipment or hand that wraps paper around a chipboard shell. The paper wrap can be plain white or have a theme or patterned print. It can be flat or textured. It can even be a foil paper or cloth. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper that is wrapped on a slipcase. Your options are endless!


Printing,Finishes,Wrap Paper for Rigid Boxes

To emphasize your products and to adequately protect them,the rigid boxes ( set up boxes) are a great choice.The rigid boxes are synonym with prestige and elegance,rigid boxes( set up boxes provide a durable package for any products,they are a statement of quality.As gift boxes manufacturer, Gift Box Mart specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes ( set up boxes) to fit your products exactly and delivery them in high quality for cosmetic packaging,special food,custom jewelry packaging,game sets and other gift items.

Custom made rigid boxes ( custom set up boxes) are made from quality paper board,covered by different paper with various finishes process to construct strong boxes to protect your products as well as  reflect your business.You can choose from wide range of covered paper,printing,finishes,closure to build a right rigid box

Wrap Paper Options: 

Wrap paper choice are infinite, Gift Box Direct stock various colors and styles at all times,wrap paper can be embossed or smooth,solid or patterned,matt or glossy

  1.  art paper: usually art paper is popular used to cover rigid boxes,because art paper can offer the best printing effect to display or promote business brand.Cosmetic boxes,wine boxes,or some corporate gifts boxes are used art paper as wrap paper with custom design printing.
  2. kraft paper: whether it is brown kraft paper or white kraft paper,it offer more natural feeling to state environment friendly message to customers
  3.  foil paper:foil paper offer elegance and depth.When your rigid boxes( set up boxes) need a glossy or distinctive look,foil paper is perfect choice.
  4.  Special paper:the special paper offer different finishes result,they are colored to black,red,blue and more colors,with different textures finishes such as suede.metal or snakeskin. Gift Box Mart stock wide variety of special paper to fit different demand at wrap paper.
  5.  embossed paper:whether you choose glossy or matt,you can have paper embossed,embossed paper is great choice for high-end products because it state more prestige and elegance message.Embossed pattern are various,linen,leather and ribbed are just a few of the hundreds of embossed pattern available, embossed wrap paper can take rigid boxes(set up boxes) from beautiful to exquisite. 
rigid boxes

 rigid boxes covered by matt laminated art paper with full color printing,art paper is great to print full color photographic image

rigid boxes

heart shape rigid boxes wrapped by silver foil paper,very distinctive looking 

rigid boxes

rigid boxes,covered by matt paper with embossing line 

kraft rigid boxes

rigid boxes covered by natural kraft paper to build 100% recyclable green gift boxes.

Printing & Finishes Options:

Graphics can make or break your rigid boxes.Add s simple,one color art logo,text or a vibrant,full color photographic image to your rigid boxes. Gift Box Mart offers process printing,foil stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish for your rigid boxes(set up boxes),inside and outside.Varnish, matt or glossy lamination,coating can be added if needed.The options for your rigid boxes are limited only by your imagination.It is the reason why rigid boxes are versatile to fit any demand.

  1.  Printing:  You can add graphics to your rigid boxes with offset printing.One or two color brand logo,business information, or colored paper is most cost effective.But it is the rich,full color printing,photographic images on you rigid boxes that catch consumer's eyes,great for branding and marketing.
  2. Foil Stamping,Hot stamping:  Add a look of distinction to your rigid boxes with hot stamping logo or pattern.You can achieve a brilliance that can not be duplicated with ink printing. A wide spectrum of matt,gloss,metallic or hologram foils are available.
  3.  Embossing,Debossed  Through embossing,Gift Box Mart can add texture by raising your logo or design pattern off your rigid boxes to high light.Hot stamping and UV varnish can be used together with embossing to get great effect.
rigid boxes with debossed logo

rigid boxes with debossed logo 

rigid boxes with hot stamping

rigid boxes with hot stamping logo 

rigid boxes with full color custom printing

rigid boxes with full color printing 

rigid boxes with uv

hinged lid rigid boxes with uv 

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Without even realizing it, you have surely seen Rigid Boxes everywhere. Your last pair of shoes was probably packaged in a rigid Box. Games, puzzles, jewelry, candles, business cards, stationery, and clothing apparel are just a few other products usually packaged in rigid boxes.

As packaging boxes manufacturer, Gift Box Mart specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes. We can wraps the paper of your choice around a base and lid to give you an elegant, yet durable package for your products. Paper choices are endless; from plain white to solid colors to patterns. You may also choose a foil or holographic paper style. You may choose smooth or embossed, matte or high gloss. You may even choose to leave your boxes unwrapped. You may want the lid to go all the way down the base. Or you may only want the lid to go down an inch. Somewhere in between?  Yes, we can do that too.

We can also use your art work to print anything you’d like on your boxes, or we can foil stamp your logo. Be sure to contact with us about these options and more. At Gift Box Mart, we match your vision to our talent to make your Rigid Boxes as unique or as standard as you wish.


Rigid Boxes are called “rigid” boxes for a reason. They’re strong, durable and non-collapsible which offers protection for your products. Candles, medical supplies, glassware, and candy are more items that are often packaged in Rigid Boxes. When you’re looking for protection, a Rigid Box is the way to go. Standard Rigid Boxes at Gift Box Mart are made of 1200g (2.0 mm thickness) paperboard. For added strength, we can use up to 2000g to 3000g paperboard, and we can make them stronger, still, with board lamination. Be sure to tell us  what type of product you’ll be putting in the box. We can suggest what weight of paper board to choose.

As experienced manufacturer,  Gift Box Mart has sold and manufactured Rigid Boxes for 30 years, and now rigid boxes have become more and more popular, The reason is simple; Rigid Boxes offer elegance, and elegance never goes out of style. A Rigid Box lets your customer know that something special is inside, and assures them they are buying a quality product. Because of their durability and elegance, customers often keep, save and re-use rigid boxes. When your company logo or name is printed or foil stamped on the exterior, it increases the time in which your customers, and others, see it. For this reason, they are an excellent branding and marketing tool.

Nothing says quality product like quality packaging. Rigid Boxes have no rough edges, no tabs to tuck or insert. They are sleek, uniform, and resilient, even after many openings. Our Rigid Boxes are individually checked for quality so that every box you receive is as perfect as the next.

There is no tooling cost involved with Rigid Boxes. That makes them more affordable than you may think. Why spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on dies for other types of packaging? This also makes them ideal for the customer who does low volume ordering. Why spend more on tooling than you do on the boxes?

No assembly required. No one spends countless minutes or even hours fumbling with folding and assembling. Labor costs for packing your products will be remarkably reduced. However, because they’re fully assembled.


Your boxes can be as small as 1 x 1 x 1/2”, or as large as 40x40x30”. So, it doesn’t matter if your product is a small rare coin or a large board game. We can make a custom box that fits your needs. Our rigid boxes can be made by machine and hand,so they can come in any size,shape and style to fit your end.


At Gift Box Mart , there is no order too big or too small.  we can handle your order of 100,000 pcs boxes as well as your order of 10 pcs boxes, We never shy away from an order based on quantity. Smaller orders can also be hand crafted by our fantastic, and talented production team; some of whom, individually, have over 25 years experience in nothing but Rigid Box manufacturing and design.

At Gift Box Mart,  we understand that your quantity needs are often contingent upon other factors. If you’re testing a new product, you may choose to only order a small amount of boxes. If you’ve landed a new contract, and have many committed orders to get shipped out, you may need to order quite a few. Either way, remember that, unlike many of our competitors, we have no stringent minimum or maximum that you must satisfy. 

Not all Rigid Boxes get dressed up. We is proud to service many types of industry across the worldwide. Automotive parts, medical equipment, gears, machinery parts, and thermostats are just a few of the products for which we make Rigid Boxes. Most times these boxes are made of chipboard with plain stay taped corners. However, they can also be white outside with a kraft interior and white stay taped corners. You can also request reinforced stay taped corners, and thicker paperboard for maximum protection and durability. Some industrial RIGID Boxes are also wrapped with plain white or kraft paper. So, when you need strong, durable boxes without all the pretty papers, embossing, foil stamping, and frills, We  can, will, and does deliver.


Most every Rigid Box begins with a paperboard substrate. Our standard Rigid Box is made with 1200g paper board (2.0mm thickness). Depending upon the size and weight of your product, We offers chipboard substrates ranging from 800g --3000g. Want something thicker? No problem. Talk to us about board lamination to get the thickness that’s right for you and your product.

Don’t forget about the inside of your box. Compliment that perfect wrapping paper with the perfect interior board color for an always classy appearance. You can choose from four different interior colors. Least expensive is chip. For a few cents more, choose white or black. Most expensive is chocolate.


Paper choices are infinite. We stocks various colors, and styles at all times. However, we also have good, long standing relationships with paper distributors, and we can find any special paper for your rigid boxes. Paper can be embossed or smooth, solid or patterned, matte or gloss, white one side or colored clear through. Various textures such as suede, metal, and snakeskin are also possible. Foil and holographic papers are just another way to add flare. 

--Gloss Paper

Gloss Paper offers crisp, clean and elegant simplicity. Offered in White, Black or 48 Color choices, it can provide flare without being too bold. Can’t find the perfect color match? We can flood print your gloss paper any color you want.

--Matte Paper

Choose matte paper when you want a soft, natural or earthy look. Matte paper also lends itself nicely to foil stamping and hot stamping to offer up a box your customers are sure to want to keep.

--Foil Paper

Foil papers offer elegance and depth. When your Set-Up Box needs a classy or delicate look, plain or embossed foil papers are a good choice. Available in many colors, embossing patterns, and finishes, bright foils add a clean, modern look while dull foils will make your set-up box look soft and delicate.

--Acrylic Latex Paper

Acrylix Latex paper has a unique and sensual appeal. Its soft matte finish provides a look of understated elegance and sophistication while the rose-petal softness of its surface begs to be touched. Available in black, white, tan, navy and crimson it is ideal for applications requiring tactile richness coulpled with strength.

--Embossed Paper

Whether you choose gloss or matte, you can have the paper embossed. Choose embossed paper for high-end products. Linen, Leather, Crocodile and Ribbed are just a few of the hundreds of embossing patterns available. Embossed paper can take a Set-Up Box from beautiful to exquisite.

--Specialty Papers

Choose specialty papers to give your customer a hint of what’s inside or just for fun. Foil paper, kid’s designs, patriotic, floral, stripes, polka dots…the possibilities are endless. Paper that looks like metal; paper that feels like suede; paper that looks and feels like snakeskin; you are only limited by your own imagination.


Whether you choose to say it simply or scream it boldly, graphics are your opportunity to communicate with the customer. Graphics tell your customer who you are, what’s inside, how to use it, and sometimes, even when to throw it away. Your graphics can be as simple as a one-color line logo or as complex as a four-color photographic image. Foil stamping, hot stamping, and embossing are also available. Varnish, aqueous coating, UV coating, and film lamination can be added when needed or desired.

--Offset Lithography Printing

Add graphics to your rigid box with conventional printing. One- or two-color line art on white or colored paper is the most cost effective. However, the rich four-color photographic images on your rigid box really catch the consumer's eye. You can print just the top of the lid or flood the entire lid and base. Looking for a cost effective way to get your four-color photographic image? Print the entire telescope lid, and leave the base white.

--Foil Stamping/Hot Stamping

Both foil stamping and hot stamping are cost effective ways to say what you want to say and say it with distinction. Stamping has its own unique look that printing cannot emulate. Stamping also adds flare for high-end products. Choose foils for a vibrant, sophisticated look. Choose non foils for a softer, more subtle style.


The art of embossing has been around for hundreds of years without showing any signs of extinction. Throughout the years, mankind has embossed many surfaces such as jewelry and metals, book covers, and legal documents, invitations and stationery. For an elegant, and timeless look, let us raise your graphics through embossing. Embossed patterns can then be foil stamped or left “blind”, the term for embossing patterns that are left unstamped and uncolored. Embossing signals your customers that something stylish is just inside of bags.

All Rigid Boxes consist of a base and a lid, often referred to as a top and bottom, or box and cover. A base is a base. However, not all lids are created equal. You can define your style of box just by the lid you choose. Not sure which to choose? The following is a list of definitions and common uses for each lid style:

Shoe box Lid

A shoe box lid is always 1” deep regardless of base size. The most common example is an actual shoe box lid. Shoes are often stored and sold in a box that consists of a base that is around 4” deep, and a lid that is only 1” deep. Shoe box lids offer easy opening, and are perfect for boxes that are opened and closed frequently.

Telescope Lid

A telescope lid covers the entire base regardless of the base size. A common example of a telescope lid is a candy box lid. Most every box of chocolates has a telescope lid. Telescope lids are perfect when you want a little more protection, and the box is not going to be opened and closed several times. If you like the look of the telescope lid, but know that the box will be opened and closed frequently, ask for “thumb notches” or “thumb holes”. We can notch out a semi-circle to make your boxes open easily every time.

Partial Telescope

Any lid that goes down the base more than 1”, but not the full depth of the base, is a partial telescope lid. Common examples of a partial telescope lid are jewelry box lids and candle box lids. Many jewelry boxes are 1” deep with a 5/8” lid. Some candle boxes are 2-3/4” deep with a 1-3/4” lid. Partial telescope lids are also commonly seen on gift boxes and higher-end product boxes. They offer both charm and practicality to provide a box that’s beautiful, yet easy to open.

Hinged Lid

A hinged lid with embedded magnetic catches is commonly used in repeated use packaging such as a curling iron box or dial indicator box. Easy to open, use, load, and store hinged lids are ideal for boxes that are used for vanity or workbench storage units.