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Rigid boxes, also called setup boxes or gift boxes, are comprised of thick-gauged chipboard that is wrapped and hidden with a high quality printed and finished paper delivering a finished appearance. These unique boxes engage customers’ interests and add tremendous value to the products packaged inside.Customers commonly reuse rigid boxes after they have purchased your product, providing opportunities to leave a lasting impression for your brand , GiftPack specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes,set up boxes,hinged lid rigid boxes,neck boxes,shoulder boxes,slipcase,drawer boxes and more coming in any size and shape,We can print your logo and full color custom design on rigid boxes.We provide wide range of chipbaord,wrapped paper,printing,printing finishes to create quality and personalized rigid boxes to fit your end.

1 Chipboard ( paper board ): we provide recyclable heavyweight chipboard to build strong boxes construction, weight range from 800g to 2500g

2 Wrapped Paper: we provide various wrapped paper including art paper,kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,foil paper,special paper to cover on boxes as personalized skin. 

3 Printing: spot pantone color,solid pantone color,cmyk full color,100% ink coverage on inside and outside of box.

4 Print Finishes:hot stamping,embossing,debossed,spot uv varnish are available to print and highlight custom logo on rigid boxes.

5 Size & Shape: custom made,any size and shape is available.

6 Quantity: no minimum order quantity.

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