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As retail packaging specialist,4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling paper bags,non woven bags,gift boxes to provide full solution for retail packaging and gift packaging.All paper bags,non woven bags and gift boxes at 4PaperBags are recyclable and reusable. 4PaperBags create eco friendly and high quality paper bags,kraft bags,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,non woven bags and gift boxes for your business,that are available in any size,any color,any shape to meet your requirement and budget exactly.

If you are looking for retail packaging and gift packaging products such as paper shopping bags,kraft shopping bags,Euro tote bags,non woven shopping bags,paper promotional bags,non woven promotional bags,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,4PaperBags is right place for you to select them.And we are confident that you will find the right paper bags,non woven bags,gift boxes within your budget. 4PaperBags provide an attractive retail packaging option for your business.

laminated paper bags
luxury paper bags
euro tote bags
kraft paper bags
rigid set up boxes
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4PaperBags is a place for paper bags,We manufacture and wholesale paper shopping bags including laminated paper bags,luxury paper bags,euro tote bags,kraft paper bags coming in any size,shape and color.

laminated paper bags

4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing and printing laminated paper bags coming in below specification

  • Paper: all laminated paper bags are made of super fine coated paper to offer the best printing effect,weight range from 157g to 300g

  • Lamination: matt lamination,glossy lamination,hologram lamination

  • Printing: spot pantone color,solid pantone color,full color,full color+pantone color,100% ink coverage is available

  • Handle:rope handle,die cut handle ribbon handle

  • Size: custom made is available,we can make laminated paper bags as your size.

  • Quantity:no run limit

  • More information please go << Laminated Paper Bags >>

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4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling luxury paper bags, luxury shopping bags,printed luxury paper bags.

  • All luxury bags are hand finishes to ensure high quality

  • luxury paper bags are made of heavyweight coated paper,such as art paper,card paper,paper weight range from 200g to 300g for strong construction and quality feel

  • We can print any color of your logo,full color image on luxury paper bags

  • We can print and highlight your logo by hot stamping,embossing,spot uv

  • Luxury bags are customized,coming in any size,shape.

  • More information please go << Luxury Paper Bags >>

euro tote paper bags with logo
custom printed euro tote bags
euro tote bags with hot stamping logo
personalized paperbags

4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing Euro tote bags,Euro tote paper bags,deluxe euro tote bags,those quality bags are great as high end retail shopper or promotional bags.Specification is in below:

1 Paper: at 4PaperBags,all euro tote bags are made of heavyweight coated paper,including art paper,card paper, paper weight range from 157g,170g,to 300g

2 Lamination: we provide recyclable glossy or matt laminate on coated paper that can protect printing ink and add more strength.

3 Printing: offset printing to print any color of logo,cmyk full color photographic image on Euro tote bags for your branding and marketing

4 Print Finishes: We can do hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print and highlight your logo,accent your pattern on Euro tote bags

5 Handle: rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,plastic handle

6 Size & Shape: Euro tote bags at 4PaperBags can be customized as your specification,any size and shape is available.

7 Quantity: short run is available.

More information please go  << Euro Tote Paper Bags >>

kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable,great as eco friendly shopping bags,promotional bags. 4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing kraft paper bags, kraft shopping bags including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,luxury kraft bags coming in any size,shape and color with cheap price.

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Twisted Handle Kraft Bags

  • brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,80g--200g

  • twisted paper handle is available in any color

  • we can print any color on twisted handle kraft bags

  • any size is available,no run limit

  • more information go Twisted Handle Kraft Bags

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Flat Handle Kraft Bags

  • brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,80g--200g

  • flat paper handle is available in any color

  • we can print any color on flat handle kraft bags

  • any size is available,no run limit

  • more information go Flat Handle Kraft Bags

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Luxury Kraft Bags | Rope Handle Kraft Bags

  • made of heavyweight kraft paper,from 120g to 220g

  • we can print any color of logo and image on luxury kraft bags

  • rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle

  • custom made,any size is available

  • short run is available

  • more information go Luxury Kraft Bags

rigid set up boxes
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Rigid Set Up Boxes are considered as high end packaging products for retail business and gift giving. 4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing full range of rigid boxes including hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes with lift off lid,neck boxes,shoulder boxes,slipcase,drawer boxes,book cover,tray with sleeve coming in any size and shape.More information please go << Rigid Boxes >>

folable rigid boxes

4PaperBags specialize in manufacturing and wholesale foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes,those boxes are made of recyclable strong material and wrapped by stock paper,printed paper,special paper,with custom printing,closed by magnetic and ribbon,coming in any size to fit customer's end. More information please go << Foldable Rigid Boxes >> << Collapsible Rigid Boxes  >>

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are great for retail industry and gift giving.gift boxes are the best packaging solution that can provide good protection as well as add more value into inside package. 4PaperBags design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of gift boxes including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,foldable rigid gift boxes,nested gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,gable gift boxes,E flute gift boxes and more.Those gift boxes come in many popular sizes,colors,designs.We can print custom logo on gift boxes.

luxury gift boxes
rigid gft boxes
foldable gift boxes
nested gift boxes
e flute gft boxes
gable gift boxes
kraft gift boxes
wine boxes
apparel boxes

4PaperBags wholesale wide range of paper gift bags including laminated paper gift bags,luxury gift bags,euro tote bags,kraft gift bags.Those gift bags come in many popular sizes,colors and designs.We can imprint custom logo on gift bags with cheap price.

paper gift bags

Luxury Gift Bags | Euro Tote Bags | Recycled Gift Bags | Kraft Gift Bags

4PaperBags manufacture and wholesale non woven bags. Non woven bags are great as reusable shopping bags,eco friendly promotional bags,wine bags,.4PaperBags can manufacture custom made non woven shopping bags,promotional bags,tote bags,wine bags,

non woven bags

Non Woven Shopping Bags | Non Woven Tote Bag | Non Woven Promotional Bags | Wine Bags

  • Gift Box Mart

Custom Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo And Lid

Those boxes are custom made rigid boxes with printed logo, those custom rigid boxes include two piece rigid boxes,hinged lid rigid boxes,slipcase,shoulder rigid boxes.From those images, you can feel the quality of rigid boxes, it is the reason why rigid boxes can be used as premium packaging boxes and gift boxes to package high value products and gift items.

Those custom rigid boxes are made by GiftPack

As gift boxes manufacturer, GiftPack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are a classic packaging solution with a luxury twist that gives off a stylish flair to premium products. Rigid chipboard walls create a durable custom box that makes it the perfect marketing tool to boost your brand recognition in the market. Thanks to the sleek & subtle design, they steal the show in the world of presentation packaging. Not just for show, either, these custom rigid boxes have more security and a sturdier build—adding even more rigidity to product packaging that keep the inside content safe & secure. Usually rigid boxes come with a hinged lid or separate lid that creates a memorable presentation, making the rigid box an instant keepsake. A great choice for marketing kits,cosmetic boxes,jewelry boxes, selling kits, or launch kits, custom rigid boxes can be personalized with logos, brand, and product information to provide a premium unboxing experience that elevates the overall value of your brand. Make any kind of premium product—either candle, perfume, necklace, or wristwatch—look striking and appealing on shelves or customers' hands with custom rigid boxes designed to your specifications. These rigid boxes have a premium look and sturdy structure that provides the utmost level of protection and at the same time gives a luxurious display that is sure to offer a spectacular presentation. No matter, whether you need rigid box with an open lid or need magnetic closure box for an elevated unboxing experience, you can contact us.

When you are looking for custom rigid boxes, GiftPack is the best choice for you to get quality custom rigid boxes with cheap price!

As reputable manufacturer of rigid boxes, Our packaging experts are available for your help and recommend you the best possible option for a high-end unboxing experience. Every custom rigid box we create is made just for you—and with your customers in mind. High quality,fast turn around and cheap price are the advantages to buy custom rigid boxes from GiftPack.

At GiftPack, all Rigid boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles, & sizes that can also be personalized with required decoration options. Whether you need two-piece rigid boxes with a separate lid & base to add more appeal to your luxury products, want one-piece magnetic rigid box to enhance the presentation of a product with added protection, or desire rigid drawer boxes to give your customers a luxurious slide-to-reveal unboxing experience, BoxBagPack have solutions, skills, expertise, & equipment to let you create custom rigid boxes in various styles, shapes, and sizes that fulfill your every product and industry-related need. We have no minimum order quantity, either you need 10 or 10000. It doesn’t matter what quantity, material, or design you want, we provide innovative packaging solutions that prove to be the ultimate marketing tool to take your brand to the next level. Challenge our skilled designers with your creative ideas to create artistic rigid box designs that give your customers an impression of a prestigious company that prioritizes quality at each step — from planning to final touches. We deal professionally with both of your short-run and long-run orders and provide free assistance regarding designs.

At GiftPack, you can choose different styles of rigid boxes to fit your end. GiftPack offer full range of styles for custom rigid boxes, Whether you want a magnetic closure box, cigar style box, clamshell box, two-piece packaging, or custom drawer box, we will manufacture it for you. Brief us, whatever your product is we will produce the rigid box for you according to the dimensions and styles you want. Your custom rigid boxes will be delivered in the fastest time and at great prices. Rest assured to find the better prices because we take care of everything ourselves, and we put forth your opinion for an efficient process. We have the latest printing technologies and the expertise to replicate or create from scratch any box you have in mind.

Please contact with us to get a free quote giftboxes999@gmail.com

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