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Kraft Paper Bags | Kraft Shopping Bags

Kraft paper bags are made from different kraft paper,the advantage of kraft paper bags is that they are 100% recyclable and reusable,great as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags. As paper bags manufacturer, GiftPack specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including brown kraft paper bags,white kraft bags,twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,luxury kraft bags,rope handle kraft bags.

When you are looking for kraft paper bags,contact with GiftPack, we provide wide range of paper,handle,printing to help you to create personalized kraft bags within your budget.Detail specification is in below

1 Paper: we provide various kraft paper including brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,ribbed kraft paper,recycled kraft paper to build bags.

               brown kraft paper: 80g,100g,120g,130g,140g,150g,180g,200g

               white kraft paper: 80g,100g,120g,130g,140g,150g,180g,200g

               ribbed kraft paper: 120g,130g,140g,150g

               recycled kraft paper: 80g,100g,120g,150g

2 Printing:offset printing,we can print any color of logo,full color photographic design on kraft bags,100% ink coverage and interior printing is available

printing for krat paper bags

3 Handle: twisted paper handle,flat paper handle,rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle

handle for kraft paperbags

4 Print Finish: hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish are available to print and highlight logo

5 Size: custom made,any size is available,we also provide stock sizes including 5x3x8",8x4x10",9x4x12",10x5x13",16x6x12",16x6x19"

6 Quantity: no minimum order quantity,custom printing kraft bags,upwards 100 pcs

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