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Gift bags are great for gift packaging,gift giving,and retail business.Gift bags have so many variety that can meet any demand.As paper bags supplier,Gift Box Mart also design,manufacture and wholesale gift bags including brown paper gift bags,white paper gift bags,Euro Tote Bags,recycled kraft paper bags that come in many styles,sizes,designs to fit any occasion and end.Important you can get great wholesale pricing from US.

Euro Tote bags are made of quality coated paper with glossy or matt lamination,with different handle and finish,coming in wide range of size,shape,color and design.Custom logos can be printed on Euro Tote Bags by hot stamping,great as gift packaging and retail packaging. Gift Box Mart  wholesale Euro Tote Bags at great wholesaling pricing.

Luxury paper gift bags are made of coated paper,with matt or glossy lamination, with huge selection of designs and themes,coming in wide range of size,handles,finishes to fit different occasion. Gift Box Mart wholesale luxury paper gift bags at great wholesale pricing.

Brown paper gift bags are made of brown kraft paper,natural kraft paper,with twisted handles,flat handles, and rope handles.As eco friendly gift bags, brown paper gift bags at Gift Box Mart come in wide range of design,size,color to fit the demand at green gift packaging and retail packaging. 

White paper gift bags are made of white kraft paper,white ribbed kraft paper,with twisted handles,flat handles,ribbon handles, and die cut handles,with different design themes and size,shape,green gift packaging and retail packaging solution for any business and personal. Gift Box Mart wholesale white kraft paper bags  at great wholesaling pricing.

Recycled kraft paper bags,made of recycled brown kraft paper,recycled white kraft paper,100% recyclable and biodegradable,great as green gift packaging and retail packaging solution,Custom logo can be printed on recycled kraft bags. Gift Box Mart wholesale recycled kraft paper bags coming in many size,color to fit the demand at cost effective and green packaging.

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