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Gift Box Mart is manufacturer of retail packaging and gift packaging products. Gift Box Mart specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes,foldable boxes,custom paper bags and wholesale gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,nested gift boxes.

kraft gift boxes

Kraft Gift Boxes From Gift Box Mart

This is kraft gift box, it is made of recycled heavyweight paper board, and box is covered by kraft paper with leaf design printing, two piece with base and lid

This kraft gift box is made by Gift Box Mart.

As gift boxes manufacturer, Gift Box Mart design, manufacturer and wholesale wide range of kraft gift boxes,If you need eco friendly gift boxes, please go Gift Box Mart to choose

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Gift Box Mart Wholesale Luxury gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as colorful,stylish and functional packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Gift boxes have so many variety, when you are looking for premium and upscale packaging boxes and gift boxes,luxury gift boxes are the best choice.
Luxury gift boxes have so many characteristics that are the reason why we suggest you to choose them to package high value products and gift items.
luxury gift boxes have very strong construction. All luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, and strong boxes will add more quality feeling and offer good packaging protection
luxury gift boxes have elegant and luxurious looking and feeling, because as rigid boxes,luxury gift boxes can be wrapped by different paper such as texture paper,printed paper,kraft paper,foil paper,special paper to offer personalized surface looking and add more luxurious feeling.
luxury gift boxes are flexible to come in any size,color and shape to fit different ends and occasion. For example you can find luxury gift boxes coming in round shape,square shape,rectangle shape,oval shape,hexagon shape,heart shape and more
So it is easy for you to choose rigid luxury gift boxes to meet your demand.

Gift Box Mart is manufacturer of luxury gift boxes,Gift Box Mart wholesale luxury gift boxes,at Gift Box Mart you can find right luxury gift boxes as your desire.

Some popular luxury gift boxes are in below

1 Black color luxury gift boxes
those are black color luxury gift boxes, those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,covered boxes by texture paper with embossing pattern.
2 Luxury Gift Boxes With Neck Style
This is black color luxury gift box with neck style.This box is made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, so box looks sturdy to add quality feeling. This box is wrapped by black paper with pattern on top lid
3 Luxury Gift Boxes With Window on Lid
Those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,and wrapped by printing paper with matt lamination, feature with clear window on top lid of boxes.

4 Glittery Luxury Gift Boxes
Those luxury gift boxes have glittery finishes, looking shinny,great as personalized gift boxes,presentation boxes.
5 Luxury Gift Boxes With Hologram Finishes
Those luxury gift boxes have hologram finishes, looking very shinny,funny and elegant, great as upscale packaging boxes.
6 Heart Shape Luxury Gift Boxes
Those gift boxes have heart shape, great for special events,those heart shape gift boxes come in 4 colors with 3 sizes

Detail please go http://www.forgiftboxes.com to choose

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